Located in the capital of the wind, Tarifa, Cádiz province, Spain. It is the basis chosen for our production of boards manufactured by hand. Since 1994 we have had different locations until in 2008 we moved to what is now our facilities. With a high tech workshop in terms of facilities , location and safety concerns. In our workshop we have a great commitment to the environment.

We are the only workshop in rate registered in the Ministry of industry for the manufacture of sport nautical items. (windsurfingboards, kiteboards, Stand Up Paddle and Surfboards). We also have environmental certificates in compliance with the specific collection of our activity. We are always looking for the further optimization of the use of materials and minimize waste to in turn reduce the cost of energy.

We encourage the European trade trying to get all of our products made in Europe, thus avoiding Asian markets with cheap and exploited labor.


In each of our boards we always use the best materials and constantly we are trying and testing new materials and constructions. From polystyrene blanks to eco resin, pvc, for us is our soul mater on the search of the best material that suits the needs of all sailors.

We are not going to reveal how we build the boards, we keep that as secrets, in order to be more competitive and offer  a product that no one can offers. Our goal is to offer excellent durability boards by investing in our boards resulting in a greater added value as well as durability, being much more profitable than any other series board that are on the market .

Here's a brief summary of some materials that we use: 

  • Resin Eco friendly super sap.
  • Woven glass fiber E and S-glass. 
  • H-glass. 
  • Carbon fabric 160 grs, biaxial, directional... Innegra fiber. 
  • PVC Divinycell of high density in different thicknesses and densities. 
  • CNC shape. 

To offer faithful reproductions of our best shapes, we have invested  in this 2016 most modern CNC machine which is available on the market. We can say that currently we are the only shop in Europe that has this technology.