If you are customer of Sailboards Tarifa and have a board of Windsurf SBT, you can enjoy a discount by fidelity when you rent with us.

If you buy a new windsurf board we deduct 50% of the rent in the purchase of the board.

Enjoy windsurfing in Tarifa on splendid beaches like the beach of Bolonia, Caños de Meca, or the beach of Valdevaqueros. Get your equipment and go where you want to go sailing. All our Custom windsurf boards for rent are SBT. We will advise you which is the best combination of sail and board for your level. You can go sailing with our team and we will help you to put together your material.

Windsurfing rentals include:

  • A custom Windsurf Board SBT, 2 sails Ezzy Sails, Ezzy mast, Aeron boom and accessories Aeron.
  • If there is no wind, you can change your windsurfing equipment for one of our SUP or a Surf Board. What we want is that you does not have to stay watching on the beach.

  • For prices and see the available stuff click here.


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